Said- follow the corona protocol, strong immunity will provide protection from infectious diseases. Said- follow the corona protocol, strong immunity will provide protection from infectious diseases

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CMO Dr AP Bhargava told the sources of protection from Corona

Corona has started spreading rapidly in Shravasti. The number of corona infected patients has also started increasing. The same Chief Medical Officer Dr. AP Bhargava said that there is no need to panic but to be very cautious. Strong immunity. Having immunity, the new variant of corona will also provide great protection in Omicron. In such a situation, people who are already suffering from any serious disease or whose immunity is weak. They need to take special precautions.

Those with strong immunity system get less sick

He told that our immune system is made up of white blood cells, antibodies and many other elements. Corona virus is affecting those people more. Whose immunity is weak. At the same time, people whose immunity system is strong, they do not fall ill very soon.

Must use mask

The CMO said that to prevent infection, it is mandatory for all of us to follow the protocol of Kovid. All people should definitely use masks when they go out. Also, keep distance in the crowd. All the eligible people who have not received both the doses of Kovid vaccine should make sure to get them. And if any symptoms related to Kovid are seen, then reach your nearest government hospital and get tested for Kovid.

Everyone should get corona vaccine

CMO Dr AP Bhargava says that this can be avoided only by following the anti-coronavirus vaccine and Kovid protocol. That is why the government is asking everyone to get this vaccine. This vaccine is being provided free of cost at government hospitals and health centers. Those who have not yet vaccinated, they must get the first dose and the second dose when it is their turn.

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