Said- I got married to my lover, that’s why brother-sister-in-law have become enemies of life. Said- married the lover, that’s why brother-sister-in-law have become enemies of life

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In Moradabad, a young woman has complained to the police, stating that her brother-in-law is in danger of life. The girl says that she married her lover on January 26 of her own free will. Because of this, his family members have now become enemies of his life. The girl has also released a video in this regard. The girl says that her family members are upset with her marriage and can kill her and her lover. The woman has also alleged that the police caught her and her husband and took them to the police station. However, both were released after seeing the marriage documents.

The girl has married her tenant

The case pertains to Indra Chowk in Moradabad’s Galshaheed police station area. Mumtaz (22 years) living here says that her father Raisul Hasan has died. While brother Irshad does the work of belding. Mumtaz has passed MA from Gokuldas College in the city. He told that Akram Khan, son of Alim Khan, a resident of Katar Martyr, used to run a bailout machine on rent in his own house. During this, both of them became friends and then both started loving.

MA pass Mumtaz fell in love with high school fail Alim Khan and both vowed to live and die together. When the family members were not ready for marriage, Mumtaz left the house and both of them got married on 26 January. Meanwhile, Mumtaz’s family members complained to the police that Aleem Khan had abducted their daughter. After this the police caught both of them but released them after seeing the marriage certificate. Now the girl is in search of a safe haven with her lover. Mumtaz says that her brother and sister-in-law and other family members are searching for her and her husband Aleem Khan.

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