Said – If we don’t get four times compensation, we will agitate, the land being taken for the construction of Middle Ganga Canal. Said – If four times compensation is not received, will agitate, land being taken for construction of Middle Ganga canal

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Farmers are not ready to give the land to be acquired for the construction of the middle Ganga canal coming out in Rajabpur area of ​​Amroha. Farmers say that for many years the officials are talking to the farmers regarding the construction of the canal. Farmers are also ready to give land for the canal. But the farmers have not received four times the compensation of their land.

Farmers said that now the administration is ordering to vacate the fields for digging canal. Till the farmers do not get four times compensation, they will not give their land. Along with this, he has also warned of fierce agitation if forced. The farmers have accused the administration of fraudulently acquiring land.

The officials had promised to give four times the money
Let us tell you that in the year 2012, about 15 hectares of land was acquired on paper from the farmers of Rampur Ghana, Kubi and Mohanpur villages of Sadar tehsil. At that time the administration did not give compensation to the farmers nor did they take possession of the land. This land was being bought for the construction of the Middle Ganga Canal.

At that time the circle rate was very low. Now the work of the second phase of canal construction started, then the administration got involved in the process of acquisition of land. After which the farmers who reached the fields made serious allegations against the administration and said that they were assured of four times compensation. But till date we have not received the compensation. Along with this, farmers say that crops are still standing in the fields.

Farmers warned of agitation if their demands are not fulfilled.

Farmers warned of agitation if demand is not met
Farmers said that now the administration is talking about starting the work of digging the canal. Along with this, it has also been said to cut the crops soon. Because of which the farmers say that they have not yet received their role compensation, until they get 4 times their role compensation, they will not give their land. Told that the farmer is ready to give land for the canal, but the administration had promised four times the compensation. Which is not completed till date.

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