Said- VC and registrar are spreading corruption, we will give them money by begging. Students said VC and registrar are spreading corruption, we will give them money by begging

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ABVP officials collecting money by begging from students outside Srivarshney College

Students have opened a unique front against the Vice Chancellor and Registrar of Raja Mahendra Pratap State University under construction in Aligarh. Students demanding increase of 33 percent seats in colleges on Wednesday begged the students and teachers in the college.

The students said that the VC is doing corruption. He is not increasing the seats of aided colleges to give benefit to self finance colleges. Children from poor families cannot give them money. Therefore, to pacify the hunger of his money, he is begging and whatever money will come from it, he will make a DD and send it to the VC and the registrar.

This photo is from Monday. When the ABVP officials had gone to submit a memorandum to the VC. During this, the police had also reached the spot when there was a ruckus.

VC threw students’ memorandum

Students under the banner of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad had gone to meet the VC of Raja Mahendra Pratap University on Monday. He was giving them a memorandum to increase the 33 percent seats in aided colleges. During this, there was a lot of heat between the students and the VC and the VC threw the students’ memorandum.

After which the agitated students raised slogans and the force of many police stations reached the spot. The agitated students also burnt the effigy of the VC. But the VC is adamant on the demand of not increasing the seats continuously. After which the students have started agitation against them in a unique way and are collecting money by begging in every college.

Money raised by begging from students as well as teachers

Money raised by begging from students as well as teachers

Students raised Rs 478 on the first day

Jai Yadav of ABVP told that the students along with Metropolitan Minister Ankush Sharma had met the VC, but they threw the memorandum. Along with this, it was also refused to increase the seats. Therefore, the work of begging has been started from Wednesday.

On the first day, the students of the organization begged at Srivarshney College and collected money. During this Rs 478 has been collected. For the next several days, students will do this work and go to all the colleges and beg. After this, whatever money will be collected, it will be sent to the VC and the registrar.

The seats used to increase every year from Agra University

There are only 3 aided colleges in Aligarh. Apart from this, all are self finance colleges, where fees are many times higher than Aided. At the same time, the seats of aided colleges have not increased permanently for decades. Whereas year by year the number of students is increasing continuously.

In such a situation, 33 percent seats were increased every year keeping in mind the students from economically weaker families. All the colleges of Aligarh were affiliated to Dr BR Ambedkar University Agra till the last academic session before being affiliated to Raja Mahendra Pratap University. Agra University is increasing 33% seats every year for consecutive years. The students had met the new VC regarding this demand.

Poor students will not be able to pay fees

ABVP Metropolitan Minister Ankur Sharma told that there are limited seats in aided colleges. Whereas the number of promising students from financially weak families is very high. If the seats are not increased, then he will not be able to take admission in self finance college due to financial problems and his studies will stop.

The seats were increased every year. Now that the university is being built in Aligarh itself, the students are being ignored. The students will continue their agitation continuously and will continue to oppose the corruption of the officials. During this, a large number of workers including Agrivision Province co-organizer Jatin, department coordinator Agnesh Yadav, Shailendra Prajapati, Gaurav Sharma, Rajguru, Harendra Singh, Manya, Muskaan, Annu, Diwakar, Chirag, Omprakash were present.

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