Sakshi was once thinking of quitting wrestling: Coach and family motivated, won gold for the first time in Commonwealth Games

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Sakshi, a wrestler from Rohtak, Haryana, who won the gold medal for the first time in the Commonwealth Games, was once thinking of quitting wrestling. The reason behind this was not performing well, but the coach and family did not let this thinking dominate him. He motivated Sakshi, whose result was shown in Birmingham, England on Friday.

Sakshi Malik won the first gold medal of her career in the Commonwealth Games. Earlier, she had won only bronze and silver medals in Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and Olympics. This time his dream of winning the gold medal in the Commonwealth Games was fulfilled. Now the next goal is to win the gold medal in the Asian Games.

The situation had become till he left wrestling.

Sakshi Malik said that when she joined the camp, her performance was not going well. Due to which he even thought of quitting wrestling, because he was not performing consistently well. After this, the coach and family motivated her and she continued to practice. The result was that he performed well in the first trial and then won the gold medal.

Husband had said – I will tell Bhagwan also that only witness should go to Commonwealth Games

Sakshi Malik said that her husband Satyawart Kadian has also been with her. Always been motivating. Before his selection in the Commonwealth Games, Kadian had said that if God asks who will go to a Commonwealth, I will take your name. The same thing happened and despite having a number in his weight, Satyawart could not go to Kadian.

got emotional as soon as the national anthem was played

He said that this is his first gold medal. The dream was that he would win the gold medal and that is now fulfilled. Before this, it seemed that whether the national anthem would be played for him or not or else he would give up wrestling. When the national anthem was played on Friday on receiving the gold medal and she became emotional.

won the second round

Sakshi said that she was 4-0 down in the first round, but she believed in herself that she would make a comeback. In the past too many matches have been won in the last few minutes. The game continued with the intention of attacking in the last three minutes. The same thing happened in the game as well and in the last three minutes, he attacked and won.

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