Salman had pushed Shahrukh from the bed: Was troubled by SRK’s snoring, story of shooting of the film Karan-Arjun

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A funny incident has come to light regarding Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan, in which Salman had thrown Shahrukh from the bed. Actually, the incident happened in 1995, when both the actors were shooting for the film ‘Karan-Arjun’. This story is related to Shahrukh Khan’s habit of snoring.

In an old interview, Salman said- When we were shooting for Karan-Arjun, some guests had come there. Who stayed in my room. So we all had to share a room. Sohail Khan was also present there at that time. We all were lying down and Shahrukh fell asleep quickly and started snoring loudly. Salman was getting troubled by his snoring.

Salman did a cameo for Shahrukh in 'Pathan'.

Salman did a cameo for Shahrukh in ‘Pathan’.

Shahrukh defended himself

On this, Shahrukh Khan defended himself and said that he had sinus, although usually he does not snore. But Salman was constantly laughing thinking about how loudly Shahrukh was snoring.

All the songs of 'Karan-Arjun' were huge hits.

All the songs of ‘Karan-Arjun’ were huge hits.

Karan-Arjun was a superhit film

Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan starrer film ‘Karan-Arjun’ was released in 1995. Kajol and Mamta Kulkarni were seen as actresses in the film. This film directed by Rakesh Roshan was a blockbuster film of that time. Late actress Rakhi Gulzar played the role of Salman-Shahrukh’s mother in this film. Late actor Amrish Puri was seen in the role of villain in the film.

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