Samuel Miranda Reveals To CBI That Sushant Singh Rajput Worried About His Finances | Sushant used to close the room and cried, used to hug Hanuman ji’s statue in the night; Were worried about finance

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Samuel Miranda had been working at actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s house for almost a year and a half.

  • Samuel Miranda told CBI that he was hired by Sushant’s sister Priyanka Singh
  • As a home manager, Samuel’s job was to handle Sushant’s staff and give salary.

Every day new revelations are happening in Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case. According to sources, during questioning, former house manager Samuel Miranda told the CBI that Sushant often cried a lot. He used to get up many times in the night and hug the idol of Hanuman ji with his neck. Please tell that Miranda was hired by Sushant’s sister Priyanka and her husband Siddharth.

Samuel’s job was to handle and pay Sushant’s staff. Miranda also told the CBI that one day Priyanka had a fight with Abbas working at Sushant’s house. After this, Abbas quit the job. At the same time, Deepesh also quit the job. Samuel said that Sushant had a fight with his sister. After this, Priyanka and Siddharth went to Delhi.

Riya used to organize a party at home to keep Sushant busy
According to Samuel, Riya Chakraborty had started visiting Sushant’s house a lot since May 2019. Riya’s brother Shovik and his father also used to come to Sushant’s house often. Riya also started living with Sushant. Riya used to have a party once or twice a week to keep Sushant busy. But at times Sushant did not attend these parties. He would not leave his room and locked himself in the room. During this, he was heard sobbing several times.

Coming out of the room at night, used to hug the idol of Hanuman
Miranda also stated that Riya and several workers had termed Sushant’s old house i.e. Capri Heights as ghostly. After this, Sushant decided to leave him and shift to Bandra. After coming to Bandra many times Sushant used to come out of his room at night and go back to the room embracing the idol of Hanuman. This all happened after his return from Europe. Sushant returned from a trip to Europe with Riya and Shovik.

Sushant used to worry about finance
Samuel also pointed out that Sushant used to be worried about his economic aspects. He felt that a lot of waste is being incurred. After this, they often called meetings and took the details of accounts. Miranda also said that Sushant was not very careful about money at first.

Sushant went to Waterstone at the behest of Shruti Modi
According to Samuel, Sushant’s former managers Shruti Modi and Riya advised him to go to the Waterstone Club. But there was no significant improvement in Sushant’s health and he used to cry a lot. Samuel also claimed that Sushant’s sisters also came to visit him at this club.

Samuel’s death rumor went viral on social media
A few days ago news of Samuel’s death was also circulated on social media, after which Samuel himself informed about his recovery. He wrote about this on his Instagram, ‘Hello guys, thanks for the collaboration, I am fine and alive. No one else is using my account ‘.

This post was written by Samuel after he was rumored to have died.

This post was written by Samuel after he was rumored to have died.


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