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Sangam Tire Katha Vachak Pradeep Mishra told Shiva Katha | Sangam Teere storyteller Pradeep Mishra narrated the story of Shiva: Said- The degree of humility, which Lord Shiva had, is greater than every degree – Prayagraj (Allahabad) News

Prayagraj7 hours ago

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Well-known storyteller Pandit Pradeep Mishra narrated the story of Shiva in the Magh Mela of Prayagraj on Monday. On the first day of the two-day Katha, lakhs of Shiva devotees had reached Satua Baba's camp to listen to his story. Here Pandit Pradeep Mishra also answered questions from the people during Shiva Katha.

He said that a person can achieve great things through hard work.

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