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Santosh Murat Singh in custody for the 108th time. Santosh Murat Singh in custody for the 108th time: He has been fighting for 21 years to prove himself alive, has a 'I am alive' placard around his neck – Choubepur News

Chaubepur, Varanasia few moments ago

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'Murda' Santosh Murat Singh, resident of Chhitauni village, Chaubepur police station area of ​​Varanasi, has been taken into custody for the 108th time on Friday. Santosh Murat Singh has been fighting for the last 21 years to get himself alive in the document. In view of the Prime Minister's visit to Varanasi, the police had detained him. Whenever there is any VVIP movement in Varanasi, Santosh is detained because he creates ruckus after reaching the venue.

Santosh was the cook of Nana Patekar, Santosh Murat Singh in the year 2000

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