sarpanch kidnapping case was fake in kanota jaipur, conspiracy hatched to recover the amount of one and a half lakh rupees, robbed to sarpanch by calling having fun with the call girl | A conspiracy hatched to repay a loan of one and a half lakh rupees, robbed the sarpanch on the pretext of having fun with the call girl

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  • Sarpanch Kidnapping Case Was Fake In Kanota Jaipur, Conspiracy Hatched To Recover The Amount Of One And A Half Lakh Rupees, Robbed To Sarpanch By Calling Having Fun With The Call Girl

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To repay the loan of one and a half lakh rupees, the former sarpanch in Jaipur hatched a conspiracy to kidnap and robbed his fellow sarpanch on the pretext of a party.

On the night of December 28 on the Jaipur-Agra highway, the Kanota police station disclosed the abduction case of the former sarpanch on Thursday. Police investigation revealed that former sarpanch of Sumail village in Jamdoli, Madan Singh Gurjar had hatched a conspiracy to kidnap and rob himself in order to repay the loan of one and a half lakh rupees. For this, he targeted Ajay Singh, a close friend and current sarpanch of Sumail. Calling him on the pretext of sextortion, he pretended to have fun.

Then with the connivance of his own acquaintances kidnapped himself and Ajay Singh. On Wednesday, when the incident came to light, the police arrested Madan Singh Gurjar, who hatched the kidnapping conspiracy with the help of technical research, and four miscreants, who kidnapped, from Rajarampurmai village in Farrukhabad district of Uttar Pradesh. The five accused were brought to Jaipur.

this is the whole matter

DCP (East) Prahlad Krishnaian told that the mastermind former sarpanch Madan Gurjar was in financial debt. To pay one and a half lakh rupees, he hatched a plan to kidnap. Then on the pretext of ransom and robbery made a plan to recover this amount from his fellow sarpanch Ajay Singh. On the night of 28, Madan Singh called Ajay Singh and called him on Nayla Road. Told him that he is calling a call girl. Those people will have fun.

Ajay Singh got into the talk of his friend Madan Gurjar. He reached with his luxury car. There the miscreants reached the spot as per the plan. Knocked the car window. Then Madan Gurjar opened the window of Jyohi’s car. The miscreants immediately pushed Ajay Singh and Madan Gurjar inside and took them hostage. Then pretending to be kidnapped, took them to Dausa.

Meanwhile, the miscreants got Ajay Singh’s Paytm to transfer Rs 6,000 to his account. He also demanded one and a half lakh rupees from Ajay. But he refused. Then around 12 o’clock in the night, Ajay was slammed in Dausa and left. Then Ajay contacted the family members. On December 29, a case was registered at Kanota police station.

In the investigation, the matter of calling a call girl and transaction of money came to the fore.
According to Additional DCP Avnish Kumar Sharma, after the incident, the police investigation revealed the matter of calling a call girl and transaction of money. After this, the mobile call details of Madan Gurjar were searched. During interrogation of the local people, it was found that other youths of the village were also missing. The police also suspected that why the miscreants are calling on the mobile of the wife of the victim sarpanch Ajay Singh and demanding a ransom of five lakh rupees to release Madan Gurjar.

Why are they not calling the family of Madan Gurjar. During the investigation on all these facts, Cyber โ€‹โ€‹Cell constable Vijay Rathi played an important role in the DCP office. He told the location of the miscreants and Madan Singh in Farrukhabad in UP. Then the team formed under the leadership of Kanota Thanaprabhari Arun Poonia arrested the gang in UP.

This is the gang of accused arrested in the conspiracy of kidnapping and robbery
1. Talib Khan (24) resident of Papdi Police Station Kayamganj, Uttar Pradesh Hall Plot No. 8 Manuvihar, Jamdoli Police Station Kanota Jaipur
2. Shivdan Singh Gurjar (22) resident of village Mundkasya police station Dausa Sadar Hall Pratap Nagar Jaipur
3. Subhash Gurjar (18) resident of Nimali Police Station Colva Teh Dausa District Dausa Hall Mayapuri Colony, Jagatpura Jaipur
4. Digvijay Singh (18) resident Kuchamansingh Ruppura Teh, Nawa Nagaur Hall Brajesh Colony Jodhpur Hall Tenant Jamdoli Jaipur
5. Madan Lal Gurjar (44) resident of Mukandpura Sumail police station Kanota Jaipur

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