Saturday, Sunday Weekend Lockdown, Monday will be closed weekly | Saturday, Sunday Weekend Lockdown, Monday will be closed weekly; Only medicine, milk shops will open till 11 am

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Saturday, Sunday Weekend Lockdown,

  • Fury among traders, it is injustice to keep the market closed for three days, the market will be closed at 7 pm, will open directly at 7 am on Tuesday

Markets will remain closed in Meerut from 7 pm today till Monday. Markets will open on Tuesday at 7 am. There will be a weekend lockdown on Saturday and Sunday as per the order of the government. On Monday, the district administration has ordered to keep the market closed in Meerut due to the weekly bandh. There is displeasure among the traders due to the order of the District Magistrate. Markets are still open after 38 days of lockdown. Now the district administration has not given permission to open the market on weekly closure.

The businessman said that the administration should keep the keys of the shop
Businessmen are upset with the order of the district administration to keep the market closed even on weekly closure along with the weekend lockdown. Better than this, says Bunty Manocha, Director, Manocha Sales. The district administration should keep the keys of our shops. When the market is closed for three days, what will we do by opening the shop for three days?

Mukul Singhal, the operator of the electronic showroom, says that if the market is to be closed for three days, then it is good that we do not open the shop. The salary of the job, electricity bill, rent of the shop is to be paid every day, when there is no customer then there is no benefit in opening the shop for three days.

Exemption to open market on weekly closure
Business leader Vipul Singhal said, “Corona, due to the lockdown, similar businesses are in ruins.” Online companies have done the rest. There are fewer customers in the market. The whole season is over. If the businessman earns a little bit, then three days captive on him is not good. Change the decision to keep the market closed on the weekly bandh. If there is already a weekend lockdown, then there is no point in weekly bandhi.

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