Schools to be opened from 8 to 8 to 8: Students, parents and parents will have to give information about health related and recent visits

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  • Schools From 6th To 8th Will Reopen From 8th February In Bihar, Students And Parents Must Have To Submitted Travel History

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Patna7 minutes ago

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  • Education department issued guidelines, sent to all DMs and education officials
  • Only 50 percent will be present on the first day, the remaining 50 percent will be on the second day

Classes from sixth to eighth are scheduled to start in schools in Bihar from 8 February. The education department has issued a guideline regarding this. The Principal Secretary of the department Sanjay Kumar has sent the guidelines to all the District Magistrates and Education Officers. Only 50 percent will be present on the first day, the remaining 50 percent will be on the second day. No class shall have more than 50 percent attendance in any class on any working day. Faculty teachers will be present at full capacity. In all government schools, two masks will be distributed to students through livelihood. Self declaration will be obtained from all the students, their parents or parents regarding their health status and travel. That is, if any of these people have taken any journey in recent times, then the school management will have to give full information about it.

Emergency security also has to be prepared

Before opening the school, the school cleanliness, digital thermometer, sanitizer, soap etc. will be arranged by the school or school examination committee concerned. Schools have been asked to form a team responsible for making contingency protective preparations, which will be responsible for sanitation, cleanliness, social distance etc.

These guidelines have to be followed:

  • Students will sit at a distance of 6-6 feet.
  • Teachers and staff will also sit at a distance of 6 feet.
  • All the school gates will be open at the time of arrival and departure so that one place is not crowded.
  • In schools where enrollment is high, classes will be conducted in two shifts.
  • The school will have to avoid organizing ceremonies or festivals etc.
  • If possible, arrangements should be made for online enrollment operations.
  • Ensure availability of doctors, nurses, counselors at or near school.
  • Self declaration letter should be obtained from all students, parents or parents regarding their health status and latest travel.
  • AC buses should be in the range of 24 to 30 degrees Celsius and relative humidity 40 to 70 percent.
  • Students should avoid touching the surface unnecessarily.
  • Do not swap masks.
  • Do not touch the student’s nose, eyes, ears, mouth etc. Give information about cough, cold, fever etc.
  • Do not spit everywhere in school.
  • There should be no sale of food items inside the outside vendor school.


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