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Second hearing of CJI’s bench on NEET case today: Answers were sought from NTA, CBI, Central Government and students on 8th July

Second hearing of CJI’s bench on NEET case today: Answers were sought from NTA, CBI, Central Government and students on 8th July

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The second hearing on the NEET controversy is to be held today in the Supreme Court before the bench of Chief Justice DY Chandrachud. Earlier, the CJI’s bench had heard the case for the first time on July 8. The court had sought a report from the four stakeholders related to the NEET controversy – NTA, CBI, Central Government and the petitioners demanding re-test.

Now the next hearing is taking place after all the stakeholders have filed their replies. Apart from the CJI, a division bench of Justice JB Pardiwala and Justice Manoj Mishra will hear the case.

NTA said- the sanctity of the exam has not been affected
NTA submitted an affidavit to the Supreme Court on July 10. NTA has said that there was a glitch in the centers of Patna and Godhra, but after analyzing the performance of the candidates of these centers, it was found that it did not affect the entire exam. The sanctity of the exam has not been affected.

No candidate from such centres has scored unusually high. At the same time, the scores of candidates from these centres are also lower than the national average score of the country.

The Supreme Court is hearing 38 petitions simultaneously
The court is hearing 38 petitions simultaneously. Of these, 34 petitions have been filed by students, teachers and coaching institutes, while 4 petitions have been filed by the National Testing Agency (NTA).

13 arrests were made on the day of the exam on suspicion of paper leak
Bihar Police had arrested 13 people on May 5 on suspicion of paper leak. However, the National Testing Agency (NTA) denied the allegation of paper leak on May 6, a day after the exam.

A petition was filed to investigate the paper leak 8 days after the exam
NEET candidate Shivangi Mishra filed a petition in the Supreme Court on May 13 to investigate the paper leak. After this, NTA announced the result of the exam on June 4, 10 days before the scheduled date.

So far 42 arrests have been made from 7 states
There have been continuous protests against NTA across the country since June 4. The central government handed over the investigation of the NEET case to the CBI on June 22. So far, the investigation of the paper leak case has reached 6 states. The CBI has arrested 2 people from Bihar and 5 from Jharkhand. 4 accused from Gujarat are also being questioned on remand. So far 42 arrests have been made from 7 states.

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