Senior Deputy General Manager said – do co-crop farming with sugarcane in autumn. Senior Deputy General Manager said – do co-cropping with sugarcane in autumn

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Officials giving information in the farmers’ seminar in Siddharthnagar.

Farmers can get more income by co-cropping with autumn sugarcane sowing. These things were given by SK Tripathi, Senior Deputy General Manager, Bajaj Sugar Mill, Rudhauli. He had reached the Kisan Goshthi in Harnakhuri village of Bhanwapur block area.

OP Gupta, Assistant Director of Sugarcane Institute, made the farmers aware about the decreasing sugarcane area. Said that with the sowing of autumn sugarcane, one can get more income by sowing co-cropped Toria, Lahi and Mustard. For this, the mill management is giving 50 percent subsidy to the farmers.

told about pendulous sugarcane

Sugarcane scientist OP Singh gave detailed information about the pending sugarcane to the farmers. On the question asked by the farmers regarding payment of sugarcane price, Deputy General Manager SK Tripathi said that the crushing season 2021-22 has been paid till January 6. The rest will be paid soon.

event attendees

During this, Gopi Mishra, Rajiv Sharma, Charan Singh, Shailesh Singh, Daddan Ojha, Raghunath Chaudhary, Ashok Ojha, Ram Bahadur Yadav, Bhavani Prasad, Amit Ojha etc. were present.

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