Sent to 14-day judicial custody, a knife was stabbed in the father’s stomach for the ground. Sen to 14-day judicial custody, a knife was stabbed in father’s stomach for land

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Lalitpur police arrested the accused son who had escaped after killing his father 7 days ago. After questioning the accused, the police produced him in the court. From where he was sent to judicial custody for 14 days.

Jakhaura SHO Ashok Kumar Verma said that on July 24, 50-year-old Bhagwan Singh Yadav, resident of Panchaura, Karai, was sleeping in the house. Then his eldest son Raman reached home and started pressurizing the father to get the land in his name. When the father refused to give the land in his name, he put a knife in the father’s stomach and fled.

On reaching the district hospital, the doctors were declared dead.
After this, the injured father Bhagwan Singh was sent to the Community Health Center Jakhaura for treatment. Where the condition became serious, the doctors referred him to the district hospital. On reaching the district hospital, the doctors declared him brought dead. After the incident, the police was looking for the accused.

Police arrested the accused during patrol
Jakhaura SHO told that he was patrolling along with his companions at Khiria Lagoon Tirahe. Then they saw a young man walking around in a suspicious state. When he stopped, he started running. After that he was captured and laid siege. When he was questioned, he gave his name as Raman Singh Yadav, a resident of village Karai. Whom the police arrested.

Police arrested father's murderer son in Lalitpur.

Police arrested father’s murderer son in Lalitpur.

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