Service will be started on priority on busy routes. Service will be started on priority on busy routes.kanpur

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Online booking service will start in 100 roadways buses in Kanpur zone

In UP roadways, there is a tussle for seats in buses on busy routes. Especially during the festival season and on the occasion of holidays, the place is more messy. In such a situation, the department has decided to use advanced technology.

The department is in the process of increasing the number of buses under the ambit of booking. At present, there is facility to book seats in one and a half dozen buses. Very soon up to 100 buses can be included in this facility.

Online booking will be increased on busy routes

Luv Kumar Singh, Manager of Kanpur Zone of Roadways said that technically the department is getting stronger. For this, the facility of booking online and in buses is being expanded. Efforts are being made to increase the number of buses to 100 in this facility. Priority will be given to the routes on which there are more passengers.

One thousand buses ply in Kanpur area

If we talk about all the bus bases of Kanpur, then more than 1000 buses operate here. Still there is a fight for seats in roadways buses. The reason for this is that about 1.5 to 2 lakh passengers travel by roadways. Due to which it is difficult to get tickets on many routes. The department has to run overloaded buses especially during the festival season. In such a situation, online is going to prove very effective in buses.

Online service has started in 19 buses as a test

Recently, the Roadways Department has started booking only in 19 buses as a test. The transport department has stepped up preparations for increasing the number of buses in this facility. According to departmental information, there is a plan to increase the number of buses to 100 in this facility.

Presently one bus from Jhakarkati to Jhansi, Mirzapur, Deoria, Anand Vihar, Sonauli and two buses to Ghazipur are being booked online. Similarly, one bus from Chunniganj to Dehradun, two to Haridwar, two to Kathgodam, four to Bidhuna are included.

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