Seven smuggling ganja let off by Lankan navy

Seven persons from Keezha Vaippar near here who had attempted to smuggle 235 kg of ganja in 80 bags were let off by Sri Lankan Navy personnel after a warning on Saturday.

According to information from Q Branch sources, the seven men ventured into the sea in a country boat two days ago. When they allegedly crossed the International Maritime Boundary Line, Sri Lankan authorities secured them.

After interrogation, the authorities seized the contraband from the seven persons. However, the authorities let them go without arresting them due to the prevalence of COVID-19 pandemic, it is said.

With a warning, they were let off near the Indian territory after which they reached Thoothukudi.

In April, 17 men from here were detained on two successive days and let off by the Sri Lankan authorities. The men smuggled beedi leaves and turmeric. After seizing the smuggled goods, the authorities let them go without any legal action.


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