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Shadow of rain on WTC final: 60% chance on fourth day, rain-interrupted match lost to New Zealand on reserve-day last time

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The shadow of rain is hovering over the final match of the World Test Championship. The match will be played at the Kennington Oval ground in London. Weather website Accuweather has predicted heavy rains in London on June 10, the fourth day of the mega-match between India and Australia from June 7 to 11. According to the website, there is a 60 per cent chance of rain at the final venue on Saturday, although June 12 is the final’s reserve day, meaning that in case of rain, one day’s play can take place on June 12.

The news is worrying for cricket fans, as two years ago India lost the rain-interrupted final of the championship. Then New Zealand defeated Virat Kohli’s captaincy team India by 8 wickets and broke the dream of becoming the first WTC champion. Then only 4 days out of 6 days including reserve day could be played, due to rain on 2 days not a single ball could be bowled. Only about 190 overs were bowled in the match, which means that in terms of overs only two and a half days of play could be played.

In such a situation, we will know in this story how much the rain on the fourth day can affect the match, what is the arrangement to deal with the rain at the final venue, as well as understand the drainage system there…

See the forecast for next week in London in the first graphic

Now understand in some points how much rain can affect the final match

  • what happens in case of a draw Based on the current forecast, there is little chance of rain for the first three days of the final match. In such a situation, both the teams can play one innings each in three days. In case of rain on the fourth day, the result of the match will come on the reserve day. If the result is not out even till the reserve day, both the teams will be declared joint winners. As per ICC rules, both the teams are considered joint winners if the championship or tournament final is rained out.
  • Rain can reverse the situation Rain on the fourth day could change the circumstances of the final match, the first and fourth days of the previous final could not be played due to rain. Then rain on the fourth day in Southampton washed India out of the match. International pitch curator Samandar Singh says that in case of rain at the Oval, the pitch will help the pacers.

Now understand the mechanism of Kennington Oval to deal with the rain…

There is a sand base drainage system, due to which there is less water retention in the surface.
Rain is very common in England. There is a sand base drainage system on the oval ground. Due to this, less water stays on the surface and goes down after being filtered.

  • Hover Rovers are used to cover the pitch in rain. Only two people can pull it easily and can reach the pitch quickly. After covering it, the pitch becomes safe from rain.
  • They are used all over England. Similar drainage systems and rowers are used at Trent Bridge Stadium. Rovers are also used to cover the pitch before matches, as the weather is cold.

Now see in the graphics, on which ground, what is the arrangement to deal with the rain…

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