Shah Rukh Khan vs Virat Kohli Fans on Twitter Start Ugly Fight Over Who’s More Popular

SRK’s and Virat Kohli’s fans lock horns on Twitter. (Photos: Instagram/@iamsrk, @virat.kohli)

Shah Rukh Khan vs Virat Kohli fan wars have come down to low blows and insults between the two groups on Twitter.

Shah Rukh Khan’s and Virat Kohli’s fans are engaged in an ugly fight on Twitter and both sides have been unrelenting. With the IPL season approaching, animosity brewed between the two groups of fans, with SRK fans taunting RCB’s performance in IPL and Kohli’s fans boasting over the cricketer having more Instagram followers than the actor.

Though there is no way that one could decide between the merits of two of the biggest Indian superstars- SRK and Virat Kohli- the fan war has taken an ugly turn, with derogatory remarks, expletives and low blows flying between the two groups. The whole thing is entirely irrational, with fans whipping out random facts and claiming them as markers of popularity for their respective idols.

Some voices of reason spoke out:

While fans are engaged in a fight that they have invented out of nowhere, the two stars seem to get along just fine. Recently, Kohli and Ravindra Jadega danced to ‘Jhoome Jo Pathaan’ on field, and SRK expressed his admiration right back, writing on Twitter, “They are doing it better than me!! Will have to learn it from Virat And Jadeja!!!”

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