Sharing is Caring: Aryan Khan arrived in IPL auction wearing Shahrukh’s blazer, Suhana, Gauri and entire family uses King Khan’s clothes

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Shahrukh Khan’s Nawabzade Aryan Khan is in a lot of discussion these days. Recently, Aryan reached the IPL 2022 auction wearing father Shahrukh Khan’s blazer. Aryan’s pictures in Dolche Gabbana’s blazer went viral, after which fans said that Aryan has taken away his father’s wardrobe. But looking at the old pictures, it is known that not only Aryan but Gauri Khan, Suhana Khan also keep using Shahrukh’s clothes. Let’s see the pictures when King Khan’s family was seen wearing his clothes-

Aryan Khan was wearing a red shirt at the time of his arrest in the drug case. This is the shirt Shahrukh Khan wore at the online concert for the Kovid Relief Fund.

Aryan Khan often wears Shahrukh’s clothes. Aryan has posted many pictures in a black T-shirt on his social media account. The original owner of this T-shirt is Shahrukh.

Aryan Khan wore a blue oversize T-shirt during Italy vacation. This T-shirt is also of King Khan.

Aryan Khan wore a blue jacket while being implicated in a drug case. This jacket belongs to his father Shahrukh Khan.

Aryan has also worn his father’s black denim jacket.

Aryan Khan, who is posing on the ground with younger brother AbRam, is not wearing his own but father Shahrukh’s blue hoodie.

Aryan is wearing Shahrukh’s black hoodie while hugging sister Suhana. Shahrukh has also been spotted in this hoodie earlier.

Suhana was once spotted at the airport in a checked shirt. Starkid looked very stylish in the shirt, but it was actually Shahrukh’s shirt. Shahrukh was spotted in this shirt before Suhana.

Suhana Khan has also worn her father’s white shirt. To make it stylish, Suhana had put a note in the T-shirt.

Apart from clothes, Suhana also wears Shahrukh’s cap.

Apart from children, Gauri Khan also wears Shahrukh’s clothes. A few months back, Gauri was seen in a black Ragazine trench coat paired with a white T-shirt. This coat is of Shahrukh Khan.

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