Shayari Mehfil organized on the birthday of Hazrat Ali in Muzaffarnagar. Shayari Mehfil organized on Hazrat Ali’s birthday in Muzaffarnagar

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A poetry gathering was organized in Muzaffarnagar on the birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali.

A Shayari Mehfil was organized on the birthday of Hazrat Ali Alaihissalam in Sikandarpur village of Muzaffarnagar. In this, the poets read Ashra in the glory of Maula Ali from their Kalams. In a gathering organized at village Sikandarpur Imambargah, a poet said โ€“ Ali brought revolution to God’s house, where there was no lamp, Aftab brought it.

A gathering took place on the occasion of Hazrat Ali Alaihissalam’s Wiladat Ba Saadat (birthday) on the late night of 13 Rajab i.e. 4 February at the Imambargah of Sikandarpur village in Charthawal area. In this, the fans of Maula Ali wrote poetry in his glory. A poet said โ€“ Ali has come to the Kaaba, carrying Khayate Javida, carrying the unique headlines of the book Zindagani.

A poetry gathering was organized in Muzaffarnagar on the birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali.

was born in the month of the moon
Another poet read Kalam โ€“ God’s guardian has arrived in the house of God, the moon and stars should be spread on the ground. Shayre Ahlebait recited various qasidas in the glory of Hazrat Ali and told the rank (status) of Hazrat Ali. It was informed that Hazrat Ali was born on 13 Rajab 601 AD in the month of Chand. Told that Hazrat Ali knew that his martyrdom was about to happen. Despite this, he himself woke up his murderer. The martyrdom (death) of Hazrat Ali took place on the 21st of Ramzan in 660 AD.

These people were present in the gathering
Master Haider, Muzaffar Mumtaz, Sabir Umrani, Zafar, Fikr Charthavali, Mohammad Hatim Hussain, Zafar Muzaffarnagari, Shah Alam, Dr. Asim, Nawaz Shahpuri, Shah Alam etc. did poetry in the gathering. Chairman Satyendra Tyagi Kushal Pal Tyagi, Prashant Tyagi, Gaurav Tyagi, Mohammad Irshad Sabri, Pradhan Mohammad Jamshed, Sajid Jafri, Raza Abbas, Hashim Hussain Alvi etc. were present along with Salim Khan, Mohammad Alam, Shabi Mohammad, Hasan Abbas. The gathering was organized by Anjuman Sogware Hussaini Sikandarpur.

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