‘She has made big sacrifices for Vamika’: Virat Kohli praised wife Anushka, said – my problems are nothing in front of her

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Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are one of the favorite couples of B-Town. Both often talk openly about their relationship in the media. Now during a recent interview, Virat Kohli praised wife Anushka Sharma. He told that with the arrival of Anushka, the meaning of his life changed completely. She is a big inspiration for him.

Anushka has made many sacrifices as a mother – Virat
In Danish Sait’s podcast, Virat mentioned during the Corona period and told that Anushka had made many sacrifices at that time. He said- ‘Many things happened in the last 2 years. During this time our daughter was also born. As a mother, Anushka made many sacrifices, which may have been very difficult. Seeing them, I realized that my problems and troubles were nothing in front of their problems.

Virat further said- ‘As far as expectations are concerned, as long as your family loves you. Till then you don’t expect much from life. Because the company and love of the family is our basic need.

Virat told inspiration to Anushka
During the conversation, Kohli said- ‘We always find our inspiration around us. Anushka is the biggest source of inspiration in my life. My life has changed completely since his arrival.
Virat further says- ‘When we love someone, many changes happen in us automatically. Anushka’s thinking about life is completely different. He has made me better than before, I have learned to accept things because of him.

Virat recalled the story of 2018 Edgbaston Test match
Sharing the anecdote of the Test match played at Birmingham’s Edgbaston ground, Virat said- ‘When I scored 120 runs in that match, Anushka was also nervous along with me. He also realized that I had not scored a century for a long time. When I came to the dressing room, I was very emotional at that time.

Virat further says- ‘Anushka was also present there, she became emotional on this occasion. She was very happy for me that I performed well in the match.

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