Sheejan’s troubles increased, the court rejected the bail application: Court agreed – Tunisha was upset after the breakup with Sheejan, she also had a panic attack

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  • Sheejan’s Custody Was Given For 14 More Days, The Court Agreed Tunisha Was Upset After The Breakup With Sheejan, Tunisha Had A Panic Attack On The Day Of The Breakup

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On January 13, the ongoing hearing on Sheejan’s bail application has come to an end. Rejecting Sheejan’s bail application, the court has extended her custody for another 14 days. The court has accepted that Tunisha had gone into depression after her breakup with Sheejan. On 15th December i.e. the day Tunisha and Sheejan broke up, Tunisha also had panic attacks.

It is also revealed that Sheejan was the last person Tunisha met before her death. It was also clear in the CCTV footage that Tunisha had gone to Sheejan’s room before the suicide. That’s why the court believes that if Sheejan gets bail then the case can be affected.

Sheejan is arrested for being a Muslim
During the hearing of the bail application, Sheejan’s lawyer Shailendra Mishra, appearing for Sheejan, said- ‘Sheejan and her sister themselves do not know Urdu, how can they teach Urdu to Tunisha. Sheejan himself reads some lines of the directors.

As far as the hijab is concerned, both of them wore it during a scene shoot. An angle of love jihad has been given in this case and since Sheejan is a Muslim, that is why she has been arrested.

Tunisha was in touch with Ali between 21 and 23 December
Sheejan’s lawyer says that Tunisha was in contact with a person named Ali before the suicide. The lawyer said- ‘Tunisha met Ali through a dating app. She was in touch with Ali between 21 and 23 December.

Before the day Tunisha committed suicide, she was talking on video with Ali for about 15 minutes. Therefore, it was not Sheejan but Ali who was in touch with Tunisha.

Sheejan will destroy the evidence if bail is granted
On the other hand, Tunisha’s lawyer while giving reference to actress Pratyusha Banerjee and Monika Jadhav case has said that the accused cannot be granted bail as long as the investigating officer wants. Tunisha’s lawyer has said in front of the judge that if Sheejan gets bail, he can tamper with the evidence.

Tunisha’s lawyer says that they have 21 such clues which show that Sheejan used Tunisha and forced her to commit suicide.

Ali and Tunisha were just friends – Tunisha’s mother Vanita
Talking to Bombay Times, Tunisha’s mother Vanita said, ‘Tunisha called me and told that she was meeting gym trainer Ali. It was his gym trainer three months ago.

Three days before her death, she had gone out to eat with him and was also talking on chat. They were just friends and had met thrice in December. Is it all Ali’s fault now?’

Police has recorded Ali’s statement
Vanitha further said, ‘Tunisha had told me about meeting her, but as friends. Sheejan’s lawyer claimed that my daughter did not return home on 21, 22 and 23 December, but this is not true.

I met Ali on the day of Tunisha’s funeral. He told us that Tunisha had spoken to him about Sheejan. The police have recorded Ali’s statement.

Tunisha was upset only because of the breakup
Vanita says, ‘If she has met Ali, then what’s the big deal? She also met her old co-actor and attended a party hosted by another actor.

I think Sheejan’s family and lawyer have no other option but to make such absurd allegations to divert attention from the real issue. She was upset only because of the breakup.

Tunisha committed suicide on the set of shooting on December 24
Tunisha committed suicide by hanging herself on the sets of the shooting on 24 December. Hours after Tunisha committed suicide, her co-star Sheezan Mohammad Khan was arrested by the police on the complaint of her mother.

Sheejan has been sent to police remand after registering a case of abetment to suicide. Sheejan’s bail appeal is being heard today.

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