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Sheezan Khan Opens Up About Mental Health And Its Challenges – News18

Published By: Chirag Sehgal

Last Updated: February 22, 2024, 16:08 IST

Sheezan Khan participated in Khatron Ke Khiladi 13. (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Sheezan Khan admitted that he was living in denial until his family doctor’s inquiry about his wellbeing left him broken.

Alibaba: Daastan-e-Kabul star Sheezan Khan faced a challenging period in both his personal and professional life after he was accused related to the death of co-actress and alleged girlfriend Tunisha Sharma. Despite going through hard phase and spending months in police custody, the actor managed to make a fresh start. Recently, Sheezan opened up about his journey with Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 co-contestant Soundus Moufakir’s debut podcast, Bonjour Soundous. Speaking about overcoming a difficult past, the television star shared the moment when his family intervened to address his mental health. The Tara From Satara actor admitted that he was living in denial until his family doctor’s inquiry about his wellbeing left him broken, which made him realize that professional help was necessary for him.

He explained, “My family made me talk to a family doctor. I spoke over a phone and I remember he asked me, ‘How are you feeling?’ That’s the only thing he asked and that’s a trigger point and I had answered that question like multiple time till now. I’m fine and I said that same thing. I couldn’t keep that up the biggest lie. Within two minute, I broke down, I started sobbing my eyes out. Then everything over the period of time just came out. Then I told him I feel weak, mentally, physically, emotionally.”

“Take a professional help and there’s no shame in that. Unfortunately, in India right now it’s becoming like almost like a trend. Every teenager is very depressed these days. It has become a bloody joke. I want to slap them. A fight with your friend is not depression, breakup is not depression, Sheezan Khan added.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to make the atmosphere lighter during the interview, Soundus Moufakir introduced a fun rapid fire round with Sheezan. Engaging in the game, Sheezan was asked to choose among actresses to hook up, kill and marry. He intriguingly picked Sara Ali Khan for marriage and jokingly chose to kill the Liger actress Ananya Panday. The actor was also asked about his perspective on an overrated Bollywood actress. After thinking about the artist, he mentioned Rashmika Mandanna.

Further, talking about his on-screen chemistry, Sheezan Khan revealed that he’d prefer working with Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt. When asked about a director he dreams to collaborate with, the actor enthusiastically named Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

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