Shilpa had lost projects when her husband went to jail: Raj Kundra revealed, said – my wife and children were targeted

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Shilpa Shetty's husband Raj Kundra was accused of making obscene films in 2021. As soon as the allegations were made, he was also arrested. Now during an interview, Raj Kundra has spoken openly on this. He said- At that time, my wife Shilpa Shetty had to suffer a lot because of me.

Expressing his pain in an interview given to Hindustan Times, Raj said – After this incident, my family had to face a lot. What happened was very unfair. When Raj was asked whether trolling on pornography had any impact on his married life?

On this Raj said- This whole matter had no impact on his married life. Because we know each other very well. But whatever happened during that time was quite terrible. Raj says that he got a lot of courage from his wife Shilpa.

Raj revealed that when Shilpa came to know about this for the first time, she laughed. Shilpa had said that this is not true. Raj further said- If you are living in the same house and there is something like pornographic film involved in it, then you will definitely come to know. Raj also said that he felt that by calling him 'porn king' he was not attacking him but his family.

Shilpa had to endure a lot

Raj told that my wife Shilpa Shetty had to bear the brunt of what happened. Shilpa lost many of her contracts and television projects. He said that all this happened to me because I am married to a celebrity. If this had not happened, there would not have been so much damage. Raj believes that the target of those who did this was not Raj but his wife Shilpa and children.

Son Viaan showed bravery
Raj said about son Viaan that he was 10 years old at that time. Shilpa had forbidden her son to Google her name. Viaan used to write letters to him in jail. He said- When Viaan asked Shilpa what was happening, she said that there are many questions which Papa has to answer. He will come back soon. Although Viaan faced it very bravely, he cried on his birthday.

What was the matter?
Raj was arrested in July 2021 for making and uploading obscene films on mobile apps. He got bail after about 2 months, after which in 2022 he appealed to the CBI about his innocence.
Raj told his entire story from the time he was accused to the two months he spent in jail, through the film 'UT 69' last year. Raj and Shilpa got married in 2009. After a few years of marriage, son Viaan in 2012 and daughter Samisha in 2020 were born through surrogacy.

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