Shot dead during birthday party at SP MLC residence, youth dies | Youth killed by shooting at SP MLC residence in Lucknow, birthday party was going on late at night

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Lucknow8 hours ago

A young man was killed in a shooting at MLC’s residence in Lucknow late Friday.

  • Four in custody, including nephew of SP MLC, are being questioned
  • Minor talk during party

A young man was killed in a bullet fired during a birthday party late Friday night at Laplas government house in Hazrat Ganj Kotwali area of ​​Lucknow. The Samajwadi Party’s MLC flat was having a birthday party late on Friday night. During this time, a youth named Rakesh Rawat was shot in snatching the pistol after the ruckus between the youths present in the party.

The injured youth was admitted to the trauma center of KGMU, where he died during treatment. Hazrat Ganj Inspector says that 4 youths have been detained. It is being questioned. The dead body has been sent for post-mortem.

According to the information, Hazrat Ganj Inspector said that at around 2 pm, information was received that a birthday party was taking place in Laplace’s residence number 201, which is allotted to MLC Amit Yadav of Shahjahanpur. In this, a young man named Rakesh died after being shot. Five youths were present at the party at the time of the incident. These include Vinay Yadav, Gyanendra Kumar, Aftab Alam, Pankaj Singh, besides the deceased Rakesh Rawat.

Inspector said that around five o’clock on Friday night, five people reached the flat. Pankaj Singh has been living in this house for the last 5 years. Aftab Alam had bought beer. From Trauma Center, Vinay phoned 100 and 112 late at 1:51 and told that Rakesh Rawat had been shot. Rakesh was showing the gun to someone else and during this time he walked himself. During this Rakesh is injured and is brought to the Trauma Center.

Call again, told another thing
After this, Vinay again called 112 at 1:56 am and told that during the jest, Vinay got fired from the rifle in his hand, which caused Rakesh to shoot. Rakesh has just been brought to the Trauma Center on the spot. On 112, the caller Vinay stated that he was not aware of his condition. This incident happened two-three hours ago.

Anything else told in police inquiry
Police reached the spot and took the four youths into custody. In the police interrogation, it was told that the pistol had brought the deceased Rakesh Rawat and gave it to Vinay. When Vinay was checking the pistol, it fired at the same time. But after extensive questioning by the police, it was learned that the pistol belonged to Pankaj and was already present at his residence.

He had a pistol and two magazines. When the intoxication of beer became more, Pankaj brought a pistol to another room and Rakesh started looking at him. After this, Pistol Vinay asked for Rakesh, there was a tussle between them, then he got fired. Rakesh was shot.

What did SP MLC say?
SP MLC Amit Yadav said on the phone that Pankaj Singh, who knows him, lives on the flat. Pankaj hails from Shahjahanpur. The incident happened on Friday during the birthday party. MLC said that they do not know too much now. He is currently in his home in Shahjahanpur.

What did the officer say
DCP Central Somen Verma said that the police have taken the four youths into custody. A second magazine and three cartridges have been recovered on Pankaj’s spot. It is being intensively questioned. The family of the deceased has been informed. Action will be taken as soon as Tahrir is found


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