Shri Banke Bihari | Mathura Banke Bihari Temple Opening News Update; Allows Devotees Darshan From Today | After about 7 months the bank of the Banke Bihari temple opened, the devotees flocked to the darshan to circumvent the epidemic.

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After six months, the doors of the Banke Bihari temple were opened to the common devotees on the occasion of Navratri in Mathura, UP. Within a short time, after opening the temple, a long queue was seen.

  • The enthusiasm of devotees on the corona epidemic is heavy, the temple is open only under the Kovid Protocol
  • The decision to open was taken after a meeting between the temple administration and the local administration

The doors of the world famous Banke Bihari temple in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh were closed for the last 6 months and 25 days due to the coronation, which was opened today after a court order and a meeting of the police administration. A huge crowd of people appeared outside the temple as the doors of the temple opened. The way Kanha’s devotees were seen standing in large numbers, it can be said that during this time, the guidelines of Kovid-19 were hoisted heavily.

In Vrindavan, the city of Banke Bihari, the flood of devotees rose since morning. Devotees who came from different parts of the country to visit their adorable Banke Bihari waited for hours to see Bihari Ji. For a long time, the devotees stood in a closed queue in the Kunj lanes of Vrindavan. On the other hand, due to Sevayat Goswami not opening the kapat in time, this crowd continued to grow.

Devotees enthusiastic on Corona epidemic
Seeing the faith of the devotees, it was as if the faith of the devotees of Bihariji is heavy on the corona. People of every class stood in thousands in the streets of Vrindavan to see Bihariji. Vrindavan resonated with the shouts of Radhe-Radhe and Banke Bihari. Banke Bihari’s temple is being opened after 6 months. After such a long interval, devotees of Bihari Ji are reaching Vrindavan to see the views of Bihariji. Provision for online booking has also been made for the views of Banke Bihari. Through which devotees will be able to see 200 numbers in 1 day. Closed since 22 March, Bihariji is now giving darshan to his devotees.

Temple is open only under Kovid Protocol
In a meeting with the district administration before opening the Banke Bihari temple, it was agreed to follow the Kovid-19 protocol. Waiting for the temple to open, devotees were seen closing the queues in the streets of Banke Bihari, neither seen any social distance nor masks. People were immersed in the faith of Banke Bihari.


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