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Oct 26, 2020, 09:37PM ISTSource: ANI

India has remained a land of great saints, assimilating in its fold various cultures and faiths from time to time. It is a land where Sufism has not only flourished in its true spirit but has also become a way of integrating different religious communities. A glimpse of it can be witnessed in shrine of Hazrat Baba in the hilly town of Shimla of Himachal Pradesh where people from different religions come to pay tributes and pray for their well-being. Take a look. The shrine of Hazrat Baba in the hill town of Shimla is serving as a cynosure of unification among myriad faiths practiced in India for nearly a century now. Devotees irrespective of their caste and faith throng the shrine and offer their respect to the revered Sufi Saint and pray for the well being of their family. Sufi Saint Hazrat Baba was a renowned figure among the people of Shimla and currently his shrine is taken care by a Hindu trust. Located in an area with about 93% of Hindu population, the shrine also has a Hindu caretaker which clearly showcases camaraderie among the people of different faiths residing in the region.


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