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Shweta has a strong bonding with Ali Fazal: She said- I took help of therapy to get out of Mirzapur character Golu

Shweta has a strong bonding with Ali Fazal: She said- I took help of therapy to get out of Mirzapur character Golu

20 minutes agoAuthor: Ashish Tiwari

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The third season of the series Mirzapur has been streamed on the OTT platform Amazon Prime Video on July 5. Like the previous season, Shweta Tripathi has looked great in the role of Golu Gupta in this season too. Actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, Vijay Verma have also appeared with her in the series.

After the release of the series, Shweta has talked to Dainik Bhaskar.

Let’s start the conversation with Shweta….

Question- How did you prepare yourself for the role in Mirzapur?
The character of Gajagamimini (Golu Gupta) in the series is very complex. In season 1, Golu had some dreams which she wanted to fulfill. But those dreams are snatched away from her. Golu is seen taking revenge for those dreams being snatched away in the second season.

When Ali and I did the scene of killing Munna in the season, after doing that scene, we both hugged each other and started crying. I am happy to see how the audience connects so much with our characters that they start understanding our feelings.

I had different dreams about the character of Golu in season 3. I used to lie in bed and think about Golu’s journey and her relationships.

At the beginning of the shooting of season 1, it was the time of Covid. My test came negative, but I was sure that I had Covid. I did not want to shoot in an ill state, because Golu is not ill in the series. I wanted to shoot after being properly fit. I did this kind of hard work to get into the role.

Question- Earlier Golu was of a calm nature. But in the last and this season she is ready to go to any extent to survive. What do you have to say on this?
Yes, it is exactly like that. Circumstances have forced Golu. That is why she is doing this. Golu was not like this in the beginning. But such events happened in her life which changed her completely. That is why before judging a person, we should think that why is the person behaving the way he is behaving.

What I have learnt from Mirzapur is that we should not judge anyone beforehand.

It is due to OTT that every shade of a character, no matter how fierce, is definitely liked by the audience.

Question: What was the atmosphere like on the set during the shooting?
There are very good actors in this show. The direction of the series is also amazing. There was a very good atmosphere on the set. Here every actor supports his co-actors. Everyone works together to make this series perfect. Vijay Verma has supported me a lot in the entire process of acting.

As much bloodshed as we have seen in the series, in real life we ​​all have the same love for each other. During the shooting of the second season, my co-actors celebrated my birthday. First Divyendu came with a cake, then Ali came with a cake. Our relationship in real life is very beautiful. We are all like a family.

Question: With whom do you have the strongest bonding on the set?
Most of my scenes in the series are with Ali Fazal and Vijay Verma. That is why I spend most of my time with these two on the set.

I have known Ali for the last 13 years. I have seen him grow. I have worked with Vijay in many projects even before Mirzapur. Vijay is a very nice person. I wish that I can work with Vijay more in the future.

Question: After playing a character like Golu, how much time does it take to get out of that character?
During season 2, I had completely gone into Golu’s world. I was unable to get out of there. I could not understand what was happening to me. Nothing felt good. I started wearing clothes like Golu. I forgot to dress up.

During this time, Divyendu and I were at a Baba’s house. At that time, Divyendu told an incident that he too had started behaving like Munna in real life. Then I realized that the same thing has happened to me too. I too have started behaving like Golu in real life.

One day I was in Banaras. There I was thinking that everything in life is perfect, then why was I not feeling good. Then I realized that I am not living Shweta’s life but Golu’s.

Things got so bad that I had to go to therapy. The therapist told me a good trick that helped me get out of the role of Golu.

While shooting for season 3, I learnt to go in and out of the character.

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