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Everyone wants to come across as a smart and intellectual person. In a world that is highly competitive, no one wants to be declared stupid and dumb. Due to this, they work hard to expand their mental capacities and increase their knowledge. However, in the course of doing so, many people deviate from the actual objective. Instead of having deep knowledge about a few topics, they try to have a surface-level understanding of all of them. This always leads to such pseudo-intellectual people being categorized as the “Jack of all trades, but master of none.” Here are some signs to spot a pseudo-intellectual person.

1. Pseudo-intellectuals always think they are right

A smart person has the ability to listen and digest someone’s point of view, and then make an informed decision based on it. On the other hand, pseudo-intellectuals have no interest in understanding the world or a different point of view. They just want to boost their own self-esteem. Also, rather than actually listening to you, they are too busy formulating their brilliant response.

2. They seek to impress, not inform
For pseudo-intellectuals, it’s all about looking good and making an impression. They like to use complicated words and phrases (even if it’s out of context) to show off to everyone how expansive their vocabulary is. Their only motive is to impress other people.

3. They do not engage in intellectual work
A genuine intellectual person puts in a lot of hard work into an intellectual pursuit. On the other hand, pseudo-intellectuals do not put in real work. They may tell you that they have read various classics from literature. But in reality, they may have just read summaries!

4. They use their knowledge as a weapon

Smart people want to share their knowledge. They want to pass it on, not use it to shame others. But pseudo-intellectuals do so. They just want to show off their intellect and put others down.

5. They inject their intelligence into inappropriate topics
A pseudo-intellectual will want to make sure you know how smart he or she is. One way to do this is to hijack a conversation. In a very simple conversation, they will start pushing you to discuss irrelevant ideologies. These will have nothing to do with the subject in hand. You might be talking about what to have for dinner and they will start a debate about the British rule in India!

6. They like to start arguments

What better way to show off their intellect than by engaging in debates and arguments! Whether you are talking about politics, religion, philosophy, modern technology, or any other topic – the pseudo-intellectual is ever ready to engage.

7. They claim to be a know-it-all

Pseudo-intellectuals always have something to say about everything. They seem to have all the answers, even if they weren’t part of the conversation in the first place. They can be an “expert” on medicine at one point, then become an “expert” economist!


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