Singer’s daughter Khatija gets engaged: From giving statement on daughter’s burqa to mocking Hindi speaking anchor, AR Rahman has been surrounded by controversy many times

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  • From Giving Statement On Daughter’s Burqa To Mocking Hindi Speaking Anchor, AR Rahman Has Been Surrounded By Controversy Many Times

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Popular singer and composer AR Rahman’s daughter Khatija got engaged to audio engineer Riyasdin on December 29. A few days after the engagement, Khatija has now announced by sharing pictures. AR Rahman’s daughter Khatija wears a niqab, due to which she has been surrounded by controversies.

Two years ago, controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen said on Khatija’s burqa, “I love AR Rahman’s music, but I feel suffocated when I see his daughter.” It is disappointing that even an educated woman can be easily brainwashed in the family. In response to this, Khatija shared a family photo and wrote, I am spending a good time with my family without suffocating. Singer himself has also clarified on this that wearing a burqa is his daughter’s decision which he respects. Even before this, the singer has been surrounded by controversies many times with his statements and jokes-

Singer was trapped for opposing Hindi speaking host

At the promotional event of 99 Songs film, AR Rahman came down from the stage protesting the Hindi speaking host. As soon as the video surfaced, many people expressed their displeasure criticizing the singer. On this, Singer had clarified that he had done this jokingly.

There was a fatwa for composing the music of a film on Islam

Years ago, AR Rahman composed music for Iran’s most expensive film on Islam ever, ‘Mohammed: Messenger of God’. After this, Raza Academy of Mumbai issued a fatwa against him. After the matter came to light, the people of Vishwa Hindu Parishad had targeted him and said that he should now change religion again to become a Hindu. Let us tell you that AR Rahman was a Hindu at first but after a few years he converted to Islam, the religion of his mother.

Income Tax Department had filed a case against Singer

The Income Tax Department has filed a case against Singer on the transaction of money from a foreign company. Singer had signed a three-year agreement with a foreign company, for which he was to get a fee of Rs 3 crore. Singer told the company that instead of his personal account, these fees should be sent to his trust account. Obviously Singer did this to save tax money. After the matter came to light, the department filed a complaint against him.

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