Sister had done love marriage, had killed the relationship, shot and killed her wholeheartedly | Sister had done love marriage, had killed the relationship, was shot dead

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The SOG team has arrested two real brothers accused of honor killing that took place in Badaun on Tuesday afternoon. Two pistols and cartridges, including the bike used in the crime, have also been found from them, apart from shell cartridges. The accused clearly say that the villagers used to make fun of them, that is why they killed the sister.
Shivali’s wife Faim, a resident of Gauramai village of Alapur police station area, was murdered on Tuesday afternoon when seven months pregnant Shivli was returning home with her husband and brother-in-law from the city with medicines. According to the husband, Shivli’s real brothers Moazzim and Mujeeb had carried out this incident. In film style, both of them came following the bike and returned after shooting.
SOG was behind since then
Since the incident, the SOG team was after the accused. SSP Dr. OP Singh also inspected the spot and directed the team to arrest the accused soon. The team was constantly searching for these two brothers at possible places. At the same time, the police station was also continuing the search from its level after writing the case.
accused said
After the arrest, during interrogation, the accused clearly stated that the sister had done love marriage and was living in the village itself. Many times it happened that the people of the village made fun of him about this matter. Before this joke would survive, the sister was murdered. When both confessed to the crime, the police have admitted them in writing. SP City Praveen Singh Chauhan said that the accused have been arrested. Both have also confessed to the crime.

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