Smoking and carnivores increase impotence in men | Smoking and carnivores increase impotence in men

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AIIMS professor Dr. Rima Dada gave a lecture on the topic “Genetic Factors and Oxidative Stress in Male Infertility” on the fifth day of the six-day Gyan Ganga program held in the Department of Science of Maharani Shri Jaya Government College.

Dr. Reema concluded by cytoplasmic analysis that smoking increases free radicals and smoking and carnivores increase impotence in men, which can be reduced by exercise. Dr. Renu Kohli cum Acharya Pali said that many animal species are found in the world due to which biodiversity is maintained.

Biodiversity is being destroyed due to extinction of animal species. Also, Dr. Kohli threw light on the birds’ access. Highlighting stem cells, Dr. Ramprakash, retired professor, said that the disease called dysplasia is caused by the lack of hemoglobin in RBCs, which is very common in young children.

Dr. Mukesh Kumar cum Acharya Pranyastra provided important information on vaccine development to get rid of Kovid-19 epidemic. Program coordinator Dr. Sunita Pandey, Deputy Coordinator Dr. Sangeeta Chaturvedi, Organizing Secretary Dr. Mukesh Kumar and Dr. Manjulata Sharma, Dr. Pramila Gupta, Dr. Rajesh Singh, Dr. Sundar Singh, Vishnu Kumar Gupta, Sunaina Singh were present. .

Report: Pramod Kalyan


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