So far 60 thousand have done OTR: Candidate and father’s name, birth date and gender will never change, RPSC warns – register carefully

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On behalf of Rajasthan Public Service Commission, applications are now being taken in various recruitments through one time registration system only. In such a situation, the commission has cautioned the candidate for registration carefully. It was also told to the candidate that there will never be any change in the name, birth date and gender of the candidate and father. So far, around 60,000 candidates have registered.

Commission Secretary H.L. Atal said that one time registration profile is generated from the computer on the basis of the information of own name, father’s name, date of birth and gender entered by the candidate. So it is important that these information be filled with utmost care. Once the One Time Registration Profile is generated, it will not be possible to make any change in name, father’s name, date of birth and gender.

He has advised the candidate to verify all the entered information thoroughly before verifying the one time registration. Verify the data only after you are completely sure. Atal informed that one time registration was launched by the commission on January 10, 2022. So far, more than 60 thousand candidates have registered on it.

He said that at present, through this process, applications are being taken by the Commission for the posts of Senior Teacher in the Department of Secondary Education. One time registration is also mandatory to apply for the upcoming competitive examinations conducted by the commission.

Senior Teachers Recruitment: Total 9760 posts for 7 subjects, highest in Sanskrit; 10th May last date of application

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