Soggy November: As the north gasps for clean air, the south has been sinking in its own H2O

Glub, the south is drowning! Red alert in Andhra Pradesh, orange alert in Tamil Nadu, yellow alert in Karnataka and Kerala … the states have started to liquify. Waist-deep in water, southerners are bobbing past each other with a polite ‘aiyyo’. Streets are waterlogged, basements flooded, drains runny. Whole houses are dissolving into creeks or floating by. The stranded are gently being plucked off roofs and treetops. Unseasonal rains have made it a soggy November. The heavens are hosing us down! There is no sun, only flash floods. Bengaluru traffic, which was already crawling, is now travelling at the speed of an elderly turtle. The city, in short, is being soaked like lentils for dosa batter.

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