Someone somewhere is dreaming to live a life like yours

So, you are living in a rural area and you day-dream of living in a hi-fi locality all your life? You may be surprised to know but there do exist people who are located in posh areas and super willing to shift to a village, but can’t. They are now fed-up of all the challenges an urban life brings and just feel like giving-up all the hustle-bustle and just switch to a rural life but have responsibilities to fulfil and so, just can not do what they want.

And you must have heard of the willingness in people to switch their employed/unemployed status at some point of time. It’s common, nothing new. No doubt, the jobless are desperately looking for a source of employment but there do exist people who are well-paid in their professions but are so tired of their schedule and lifestyle that they just want to quit or take a break. They are just not able to.

Okay, so you are really ill. God forbid, may be suffering from a chronic disease and wondering who would be willing to live a hell life like that. Let me tell you, there do exist people who are so fed-up of serving others all the time, they just want someone to pamper them now. They are ready even if it happens at the cost of their health. They are craving for the attention that unwell people get. And yes, they are all set to bear the physical pain it may bring along.

Sometimes skipping a meal or getting drenched in the rain or receiving scolding from elders or a broken-heart or anything such for that matter, may look like a giant pain to bear but at the end of the day, all of us have something to be thankful for. Yes, everybody does and that includes you. Sometimes you might be having a hard day and life may seem like a steep uphill climb, but then there are phases. There are ups, there are downs. Why not instead of complaining about all your problems, rather count your blessings today and enjoy the positivity it fetches! Why not cherish that sweet delicious feeling even if it’s just momentary? The next moment may be hard, or worse, dark again. But believe me, in that case, there will be light again. Some time, some day, even if not sure when. Just keep up the faith and keep going. Just, believe.

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