Sona Ka Thanj on Kangana: The user asked – Who is making the vaccine to protect us from Kangana Ranot, Sona Mohapatra said – Only those who can do this

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  • Actress Sona Mahapatra Gives An Epic Answer To A Social Media User Who Asked ‘Who’s Making A Vaccine To Protect Us From Kangana Ranaut?’

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Actress Kangana Ranot remains very active on social media. They keep their opinions on some or the other issue. Many people support his statements, but many do not support him. Recently, a user disturbed by his statements, shared a post and asked the question, who is making the vaccine to protect us from Kangana Ranot? Actress Sona Mahapatra has now responded by sharing a post on this question of the user and Kangana is also tightened.

Sona Mahapatra wrote in response to the user’s post, “Finally, I have found the answer to this question Sameera Sood, and the answer is Kangana herself. Only Kangana who survives Kangana Ranot can make Kangana. Because she has so much potential. The questions are also Kangana and the answer is Kangana herself. ” Even before this, Sona wrote in response to the user’s question, “Tu who? I icon.”

Sona accused Kangana of insulting feminism
This is not the first time Sona Mahapatra has said anything about Kangana Ranot. Even before this, many times Kangana and Sona have been seen on social media. Sona wrote an open letter to Kangana even during the Hrithik Roshan controversy and accused him of insulting feminism. In the last several days, Kangana has also given many statements about the ongoing peasant movement in the country. He has also faced a lot of criticism over his statements.


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