Song ruckus: Sunny’s new song ‘Madhuban’ is being opposed in social media, #arestsunnyleone is trending

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Sunny Leone’s new song ‘Madhuban’ is being fiercely opposed. In protest against this song, ‘Arrest Sunny Leone’ is trending on social media. In protest against the song, the saints of Mathura had said that this song is hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus. If Sunny apologizes to everyone else, she will not let her stay in the country. Madhuban song is sung by singer Kanika Kapoor.

Action should be taken against the whole team
Netizens are demanding a public apology from the makers of the song. Tagging BJP Delhi and CM Office UP in a tweet, a user wrote, “Sir why do you keep such people in the censor board, who make so many dirty songs in the name of Hindu gods. Please against the censor board of India. Take very strict action.” At the same time, another user wrote, “Not only Sunny Leone, take action against the entire team.”

be ready to face the consequences
On Sunday, Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra demanded the immediate removal of the song from all platforms. In his statement, he warned Singer Sharib and Toshi to apologize or be ready to face the consequences. He wrote on his social media post, “Some heretics are constantly hurting Hindu sentiments. The video ‘Radhika dance in Madhuban’ is one such condemnable attempt. I am instructing Sunny Leone ji, Sharib and Toshi ji to understand And be careful. If they don’t remove the song after apologizing, then in three days we will take action against them.”

song lyrics will change
In view of the protests, the music label has decided to change the lyrics of the song. The statement issued by the label read, “Honoring the recent reactions and sentiments of our fellow countrymen, we will change the name and lyrics of Madhuban Song. The new song will replace the old song in all platforms in the next 3 days. will take its place.”

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