Sonu Sood Cure India will help patients up to 18 years of pediatric heart surgery, released toll free number

8 minutes ago

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Sonu Sood has become another name for Madad. This month, Sonu has added a third major job to the help list. Sonu has now started the Cure India Initiative for Pediatric Heart Surgery. He has also released toll free number on his Twitter so that people can get this service easily. Sonu has named this special service as Cure India .. Samarth Bharat Swasth Bharat.

Help will be available through toll free number

Sonu was getting information about such cases for the past several months. Even then, while he was busy taking the migrants to his home. In such a situation, Sonu’s move has become a new ray of hope for all the parents who did not have enough money for the heart surgery of 0-18 year olds. Along with this, you will be able to get information related to treatment on number 02067083686. Rotary will support Sonu in this work.



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