Sonu Sood distributed helmets to people walking on the road: advised to be alert, seen with police officers

39 minutes ago

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Sonu Sood is often seen doing social work. Sometimes by helping people during Covid and sometimes by mortgaging their property for the needy. He is also called the messiah of the poor.

These days Sonu Sood is seen hosting MTV’s popular show ‘Roadies’. Recently this morning, the actor was seen near Lower Oshiwara Metro Station in Mumbai. They were seen distributing helmets to the people. A message of karma or scandal was also given by MTV show ‘Roadies’.

Police officers were also present with Sonu. Both of them asked the general public to wear helmets. Talked about keeping one’s own safety in mind.

Sonu Sood said about the initiative of distributing helmets, ‘When you go out on the road, your family members wait for you. In such a situation, wearing a helmet becomes very important. It is important to do good deeds, not incidents on the streets. Road safety is very important for all of us.

On the issue of road not being in good condition, Sonu Sood said, ‘It is very easy to talk about the fault of the road or the person in front. In an accident, one person is at fault and the other one gets hurt. Your own safety is most important.

Regarding Sonu Sood’s initiative of distributing helmets, the police officer said, ‘It is better to focus on yourself instead of blaming yourself if the road is bad or there is no road light. It is important not only to wear a helmet but also to tie it. It is important to wear a seat belt.

Small things are very important, do not ignore them.

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