Sonu Sood Flood Affected Sailor Varanasi Latest News And Updates: Bollywood Actor Sonu Sood To Help Flood Affected Sailor Family In Varanasi Uttar Pradesh | For Kashi 350 seafarer families, social worker sought help from Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, came back in just 39 minutes – no one will sleep hungry

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  • Sonu Sood Flood Affected Sailor Varanasi Latest News And Updates: Bollywood Actor Sonu Sood To Help Flood Affected Sailor Family In Varanasi Uttar Pradesh

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Actor Sonu Sood.

  • The Hope organization brought the agony of the sailor family to Sonu Sood
  • Sailor families start sharing light, people face bloom

Sailors of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency Varanasi have been hit twice. Boating in the Ganges river was stalled due to the first lockdown, now the operation of the boat has been banned till September 15 due to floods. In such a situation, the crisis has arisen in front of 350 seafaring families of Kashi. Some are arranging a morsel for children by taking loans, while some are selling wife’s jewelry. Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has come forward to help these sailor families. On the initiative of a philanthropist of Kashi, Sonu Sood has tweeted that after today no one will sleep hungry. Today help will arrive. In the evening, the institution has given ration to many families.

This is how initiative to help

Hope Welfare Association is delivering food grains to needy families in Purvanchal. On Monday, the team of the organization was at Kashi Ghat. Then some sailors surrounded social worker Divyanshu and told his pain. Said that in the lockdown, it was somehow managed. Tourists are absent if unlocked. Now the boat operations have come to a standstill due to floods. In such a situation, the situation of the seafarers is quite bad. If the ration is arranged then the family will be fed.

Seeing the financial condition of the sailors, Divyanshu raised the problem of the sailors prominently by tagging actor Sonu Sood on Twitter at 11:15 am on Tuesday. Wrote that, families running 350 kayaks in 84 ghats of Varanasi are craving for rash today. You (Sonu Sood) should be the last hope of these 350 sailor families. Due to floods in the Ganges, their difficulties have increased. For 15 to 20 days in Kashi, their children did not have to sleep hungry.

At just 39 minutes, there was a response from Sonu Sood that no member of this 350 families of Varanasi Ghats will sleep hungry after today. Today help will arrive. Divyanshu said that more than 200 ration kits have been distributed. In which 7-7 kg flour – rice, gram, oil, spices, salt etc. will be the ingredients.

Relief materials distributed by Sonu Sood to sailor families.

Relief materials distributed by Sonu Sood to the sailor families.

Story of three families, their words

  • Durga Prasad Sahni rides a boat to Assi Ghat. They say that the situation of starvation is being faced. If a bella (time) is being cooked, it is not necessary to arrange for another bella’s food. Children have missed their studies. Could not get admission in new class.
  • Munnu Sailor of Shivala told that they have two children. The mother is quite ill. Money collected in his treatment was spent. Due to the closure of the boat, there was a crisis of livelihood. Children will also feel missed. Thinking of taking a loan, open a small shop. Have talked to some people. But no one is ready to give any loan. God and Ganga mayya only support.
  • Bachau Sahni used to ride the boat at Dashashmedh Ghat. In the lockdown, somehow the family incurred debts by taking loans. Then the wife’s jewel is mortgaged. Sood (interest) kept on filling. Then sold the jewel. Children have also missed their studies.


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