Sonu Sood shared cartoon related to the death of migrants, users deleted the post if they said anti Modi

23 minutes ago

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Sonu Sood shared a cartoon. Built on the death of migrants. Which many users called anti Modi. That is, Sonu Sood, who became the messiah of the migrants in lockdown, became the target of trolls for the first time. In this tweet, a man is asking Sonu Sood about the death of migrants in lockdown, while Sonu has a card in his hand which says – Sir, I was busy saving them.

Deleted Tweet but after going viral

Sharing this tweet, Sonu wrote in praise of the cartoonist – You are so amazing brother. However, after being trolled, Sonu deleted this tweet. But by then this tweet had gone viral. Some people have even said that there is no one in Bollywood who does not have two faces.

Trollers took aim like this



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