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Sorry Chai Lovers, But Indian Reddit Swears by Parle-G Dipped in Water as the Ultimate Combo – News18

Sorry Chai Lovers, But Indian Reddit Swears by Parle-G Dipped in Water as the Ultimate Combo – News18

Representative Image (Photo Credits: X/Parle-G)

Indians on Reddit rate ‘Parle-G and water’ as the ultimate food combo after viral post. Check it out.

Until now, we’ve all been convinced that Parle-G and chai are the ultimate duo, an inseparable pair. But an unexpected twist came when a Redditor claimed that Parle-G dipped in plain water is even better. While many have long hailed the Parle-G and chai combination as legendary, this fresh debate sparked on the ‘India Social’ subreddit.

“Name a more legendary combo, I’ll wait,” wrote the Redditor, alongside a picture of a Parle-G biscuit perched on the edge of a glass of water.

The post quickly gained traction. One commenter exclaimed, “I thought I was the only psychopath.” Another reminisced, “I remember my mother giving me disappointed looks while I ate those with water as a kid.” A third chimed in with, “Parle-G with chilled water,” and yet another added, “Absolute nostalgia. Jab bachpan me papa ke sath unke school jata tha aur bhook lagti thi.. this was the go to combo.”

The discussion soon expanded, with others sharing their ultimate food pairings. “Boondi + sev,” wrote one user. “Milkbikis and milk,” added another. “Chai + roti,” noted a third, while a fourth mentioned, “Bournvita biscuit with milk, one of the best combinations.” A fifth person contributed, “Old coconut biscuits that sold in General stores with water for me.”

Interestingly, this isn’t the only lesser-known iconic food combo to surface. Earlier, on ‘X’ (Twitter), @MSDianAbhiii posted a picture of ‘aamras puri’ with the caption “Sleeping pills pro max.” This tweet sparked curiosity and surprise among some Indian users unfamiliar with this beloved dish.

For those not in the know, ‘aamras puri’ or ‘ras puri’ is a summer staple in states like Maharashtra and Gujarat but remains relatively unknown elsewhere. Traditionally, puris are paired with savoury and spicy curries in Indian cuisine. However, pairing these hot, crispy puris with sweet and tangy aamras, a mango puree often topped with dry fruits, creates a delightful summer treat. The contrast between the hot puris and cold aamras is a game-changer, eagerly awaited every year by locals.

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So, what’s your take? Do you have a surprising food combo that’s been a hidden gem all along?

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