SP said – strict action will be taken against the culprits after investigation Azamgarh police accused of beating

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This photo is of the family of the victim. The family members have appealed to the police officer to investigate the matter.

The Ahirula police station of Azamgarh has been accused of assault. The family members of the youth injured in the beating of Inspector Ahirola have appealed to the higher authorities for justice in the matter.

Victim Ajay Pandey’s son Akash Pandey says that the police have beaten up my father accusing him of firing.

He said that Inspector Rajendra Pratap Singh entered the house and assaulted him and also abused him. Ajay Pandey has also suffered a lot of injuries due to the beating of the police.

‘Treat like a criminal’

Akash Pandey, son of the victim Ajay Pandey, says that the police is treating us like criminals.

Ajay Pandey, a resident of Sirpatti village of Ahirola police station area, lived in Calcutta for livelihood. Few years back started living in Mau district. He reached home to build a house on his share of land.

It is alleged that he is trying to build a house on his share of land, but he has become a victim of his own criminal instinct, brother Dhirendra Pandey. Whenever he calls laborers to build houses. The laborers run away in fear of their brother.

When I complained about this to CM Helpline, CO, Ajay Pandey turned out to be correct in the investigation report of both. So he demanded the police from Ahraula police station to get the house constructed but the police could not be found.

In the case of assault by Azamgarh police, SP Rural said – investigation was handed over to the CO. Action will be taken after investigation.

It is alleged that on July 30, the Ahraula Police Station started beating the door of the victim Ajay Pandey late at night. When the women of the house went to the door, they were subjected to indecency.

SP rural will say action

SP Rural Siddharth says that the video of the assault is going viral on social media. The investigation of the assault by the Inspector has been handed over to the CO. It is a matter of land dispute between the two parties. Action will be taken in the matter after the report is received.

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