Speak on the news of an English site – Pappu’s Champu army like Sri Krishna’s Narayani army, which knows to fight only on the basis of rumors.

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  • The news website had claimed that Kangana called the farmers opposing the Kisan Bill a terrorist
  • Kangana Ranot in her tweet reacted, writing: You are happy to spread lies.

Kangana Ranot has reacted strongly to the news of a news website, which is said to have called the farmers opposing the Agri Marketing Bill a terrorist. The actress, while sharing her original tweet, has challenged that if anyone can prove that they have called farmers as terrorists then they are ready to leave Twitter.

Kangana has used ‘Pappu’s Champu Sena’ in her tweet. However, for whom he has written this, it is not clear. But Twitter users are speculating that they have used the word Pappu for Rahul Gandhi.

Accused of spreading lies on the news website

Kangna has accused the news website of spreading lies in another tweet. He wrote, “Those who were spreading lies about the CAA that led to the riots. The same people are now spreading lies against the Farmers Bill and are causing terror in the country. They are terrorists. You know well Is what I said. But you are happy to spread lies. “

Here, Maharashtra government targeted

In Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, 10 people have died after a three-storey building collapsed. Reacting to the incident, Kangana has targeted the Maharashtra government. He wrote, “Meanwhile, the Maharashtra government is Kangana-k-k-kangna. If they stop going crazy with me, they know how the entire state is collapsing.”



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