Special conversation: Director Om Raut told- Prabhas is a pure soul, Prabhu Ram’s eyes were seen in his eyes; That’s why he was offered ‘Adipurush’.

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‘Tanhaji’ fame director Om Raut is coming up with ‘Aadipurush’, the screen adaptation of Valmiki Ramayana, early next year. ‘Bahubali’ fame Prabhas is in the role of Sriram and Kriti Sanon in the role of Sita. The film is in the post production stage these days. Now in a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Om Raut has shared special things related to the making, journey and his vision of the film.

Is Om in your name, who has been making historical and mythological projects time and again?
My parents will be able to reveal the name. As far as the question of ‘Adipurush’ is concerned, I would like to say it to the historical zone, not mythological.

Mytho so said that the story is set in seven thousand years ago? However, how much ‘Ramayana’ is this?
If we think about Lord Rama, he has many aspects. Combining all of them and all the best qualities of a human being, then he is known as Maryada Purushottam Ram. Everyone will look at them from a different angle. What I have understood or want to understand is the mighty Purushottam Ram. I want to show the might of Shri Ram in ‘Adipurush’. The first and foremost person who overcome all the challenges of life was Adipurush Ram. That’s why our title is Adipurush. Our film is basically a screen adaptation of Valmiki Ramayana.

Why did Prabhas come to mind for the role of Shri Ram?
Eyes are considered a reflection of the heart. There is a pure soul in his eyes. There is a compassion in his eyes. In his eyes I saw the eyes of Lord Rama. So when I thought of ‘Aadipurush’, it was decided that it would be done with Prabhas only. Well I have so much faith in Shaktis that I knew that Prabhas would definitely do that film with me. ‘Adipurush’ is not a film for me, it is religion and duty. It is God’s grace that he chose me to make a film on this story.

Ram Katha is not a story but a saga. There is a whole world of possibilities to visualize the world of then and the wonders of that time. Why should we call it a film with heavy VFX because of his creation? Is the film 80 percent VFX loaded?
I will not talk about the percentage of VFX right now. It is a film loaded with the emotions of half a billion people. I think the visual effects are just an accessory in the film. Otherwise, Ram Katha has been narrated since childhood in our villages, khedas and other areas for centuries. They don’t have VFX. We used to show Ram Katha every year for 9 days in Dussehra, Deepawali. The whole village used to gather. We used to gather because our feeling is attached to Ram. As a child, I used to watch Ramayana with my family members. The deep impact that he had on me is still there on me till date. I want to bring other people especially today’s generation under the influence of that influence.

How will you explain to the new generation, what is the language or dialect of the film?
I would like to answer this only at the time of the release of the film. When we were writing this, this question was also in our mind. We have taken full care that today’s generation can also understand this great story. So we have not used the old language. The motive behind making it was also that it could reach as many youth as possible. For this, we have hired Manoj Muntashir for the dialogues.

How much post production work is left?
This is a big film. It will take time. We will definitely make people see the film in the new year. Even after that we will not stop. We will bring a different version for the international audience. For our countrymen and non-Indians living abroad.

How Many VFX Companies Are There To Create The World Of Then?
Eight to ten companies are doing VFX. Everyone is Indian. We have made the film with full responsibility. All my artists kept coming to all the workshops. Prabhas, Kriti, Saif have all rehearsed a lot. There was a lot of discussion with everyone about his character. He was trying to bring some devotion. We did a lot of reading, luckily everyone took a lot of time to work with 100% dedication. Talent is with many, but hard work is worth less. Our star has put a lot of blood and sweat in even the smallest of scenes.

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