Special conversation: Producer Mahavir Jain told – Will start shooting for Kapil Sharma’s biopic from February, work is going on right now on writing

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Actor-comedian Kapil Sharma’s biopic has been announced in the new year. The film will be produced by Mahavir Jain and will be directed by Fukrey fame Mrigdeep Singh Lamba. Kapil Sharma’s popularity is as a big comedian of the country. It was believed that the planning of his biopic was going on for a couple of years. Mrigdeep rejected it. In a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, he said that Mahavir Jain had organized a meeting between him and Kapil Sharma only last month. Since then, of course, everyone has met with each other many times. Producer, director and Kapil are in no hurry about this project. They want to make it calmly.

Will start shooting for the biopic from February
Talking about the outline of the film, Mrigdeep Singh said, “Actually the first priority is ‘Fukrey 3’ right now. We are going to start shooting for it from February. At the end of February, we will shoot it in Delhi or Mumbai depending on the situation. Not only are the old main core characters in the film, we have also added new characters. Dialogues have been written by me as well as Vipul. This time we are very confident about our script. There were rumors that this part will have Kovid and other characters. There will also be a backdrop for the lockdown, but it is not so. Both those things are not in the script.”

Mrigdeep Singh further added, “I would also like to announce that there will be no separate film ie spin-off on the character of Chucha. He is undoubtedly a popular character, but he alone is nothing. Without Honey, Lali, Zafar, Panditji His journey is not going to be fun. That’s why everyone will come together. People loved ‘Fukrey’ because they liked all these characters together. People also liked ‘Roohi’. There Rajkummar Rao and Varun, Jhanvi The characters have been loved. We are also thinking of its franchise. The budget for comedy and fantasy in ‘Fukrey’ is continuously increasing. This time the budget may be around 50 crores.”

Work is going on on the writing of Kapil’s biopic
On Kapil Sharma’s biopic, Mrigdeep Singh said, “Writing will be done right now. It is the idea of ​​producer Mahavir Jain. Kapil is the favorite of everyone, the series of biopic on him is not very old. It started from December last month. Who will play Kapil’s character in the biopic, the details will come later. Right now our main focus is on how to put Kapil’s journey on paper. We have had some meetings with Kapil too. However, what we have now. The team is there, they are doing research on Kapil. Kapil also aspires to have a good script on his journey first and then make a film.”

Mrigdeep Singh said, “Of course Kapil is a very big star. His image is larger than life, but we have not yet thought whether his character should be played by an A-lister actor or Kapil himself. The meetings we have had so far, No one has even discussed the starcast in them. Till now the only talk about who will be the on board writers. Naturally we will do research with the writers who are associated with Kapil Sharma. Their inputs also for the film. Will prove to be very important. That team is also very strong. We have met that team amongst ourselves. Our emphasis will be on Kapil’s backstory more than stand up comedy. It is a very personal project for everyone. We need to research the story along with it. If understood, we will start working together. It can be said that research and writing may take about a year.

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