Special conversation: Rani Mukerji said – Continuity had to be maintained in Bunty Aur Babli-2, so did not eat laddus etc.

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After a decade and a half, once again Bunty Aur Babli’s franchise film Bunty Aur Babli 2 has been released. The franchise has actors like Rani Mukerji, Saif Ali Khan, Sharvari, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Pankaj Tripathi, Yashpal Sharma etc. Produced by Aditya Chopra and directed by Varun V. Sharma, the film releases in theaters on November 19. During its promotion, Rani Mukerji met at Yash Raj Studio, then she was seen sitting on a chair and feet on the other chair. While walking after the interview, he told that he had hurt his leg during the dance. Well, read here, Dainik Bhaskar’s exclusive conversation with Rani Mukerji:

There was a gap of several months in the shooting, then how to maintain the continuity?
No matter how much time it took, but continuity had to be maintained. Therefore, do not eat anything like laddus, etc., because for this weight maintenance was to be maintained.

Bunty and Babli resume their thug work in 2. Is there anything in personal life that you would like to do again?
There is nothing in my personal life that I would like to start back. I am just doing acting. She got into films only during her studies. I have been doing films since the age of 16. Yes, during covid I made a lot of dishes with my own hands. Learned a lot and made a lot of things, it was fun doing it all.

In the trailer, the child calls you cute, then she becomes happy. How do you take appreciation in your personal life?
Very well There must be praise! Meaning, if someone praises you, then there is bound to be happiness. Then whether the child praises, we age, we grow up or we admire, praise is good.

What kind of preparation had to be done for the character of Babli?
I had to show myself like a very middle class lady. The effort was to appear in Bunty Aur Babli 2 in the same way. For this, fish and rice were also eaten. Don’t think that eating rice makes the body bloated. Yes, it takes work out. Well, with regard to language etc., the character has worked so hard that it will be a lot of fun to see the film. This picture will be liked by people of all age groups, from old age to child.

Your journey has completed two and a half decades. What changes do you feel in films and stories?
I think, the characters that people play in most of the commercial films now have realism, an honesty and a touch of heart. If you can show it by keeping it in the commercial realm, then people like it very much. Like Saif keeps his belly in the film. There is no such thing in them that if I am a hero then I cannot keep my belly. Nowadays people are trying different things for the character.

She is also being liked by the audience, as she makes a connection and relates. Looking at the audience, it seems that this is me, this is like my neighbour’s aunt or it is like my friend. This was also in Hum Tum’s time. If you look at my filmography, then I have done such roles, which are relatable for everyone. I have kept so much relatable in every film that people have felt relatable even in my glamorous looks and normal looks. I have kept it up.

How does the philosophy of real life get changed?
I Think, the biggest thing that has happened in this pandemonium is that for the first time all the people have come together in a positive way with a lot of love. As I can tell from my experience my baby girl was in nursery when pandnemic started and now she is in KG 2. She grew up throughout the pandemonium. The two-three years of children, which are from nursery to first standard, are the most important time for children. Because for the first time leaving his parents and going to school. Meet teachers, make friends.

Now his three years were wasted, because he had to learn everything sitting at home. But I saw how he quickly adapted to home school. There was a community feeling in this that how they want to help each other. For the first time thinking of others instead of thinking of themselves. Like our teachers are teaching our children online without thinking about their children.

Many such things have happened. There is a philosophy that we have not seen war in our time, like many people have seen the freedom war of 1947. Have seen World War 2. This has been a war-like situation in our time. The kind of situation that has happened in this Kovid-19, in which all the people of the earth have united and done so many things together. There have been concerts in them, so many artists have come together, a lot has been done for the migraineurs. A lot of positive things have happened like this.

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