Special conversation: Siddhant Chaturvedi said – ‘Gahriyaan’ is the first film in India in which coordinators have been used for intimate scenes

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‘Gully Boy’ fame Siddhant Chaturvedi has been continuously getting films from the very first film with big banners and A-list actors of Bollywood. His ‘depths’ are coming just before Valentine’s Day. In this, he will be seen romancing Deepika Padukone. However, in the film, he is already engaged to the character of Ananya Pandey. Siddhant had a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar on his experience and his upcoming projects.

The film has a plot of love and infidelity. How has your perspective changed?
Well that attitude has been changing with the school, college days and changing times. Now we are living in digital age. Due to this also the definition of love and love has changed. When I was growing up, the epitome of love was Shahrukh sir. Our ‘Gheehreyan’ is today’s story in view of the changing facets of relationships in the evolving era. Must have felt about such stories, but have not seen on screen till now. We have taken a new stand. Therefore, the same nervousness is happening, as would have been the first astronaut to step on the moon.

When it was decided that it was to be released on OTT, what happened amongst themselves?
Some movies are group experiences that you see in theatres. This is a lonely experience film. When you see it, it will pull you in. This is a very detailed film. In this, your full attention is going to be there. You can watch it alone or with someone, but it needs full attention. It will totally pull you towards it. It is going to be relevant for a very long time. Not that it came and went in two months.

The film is relevant for the next ten years, until a new definition of love comes. You would like to see it with your girlfriend as well as sometimes alone. What you want to take from this film is up to you. We are not telling you that. Can’t put it in any genre. This is basically a relationship drama.

How different was this film with the art direction, costume and camera set-up?
In this, for the first four days of the shoot, I did not even know that the camera was also installed on the set. Kaushal, who is the cameraman, is a very young and new guy. He has done a lot of work. He is about to touch heights from the depths. Director Shakun did not let us know where the camera was placed around us. Usually there is a little noise on the sets. There used to be a lot of silence here.

The advantage of this setup was that we used to speak our lines and the camera used to capture our movements according to its own. The costume design has been done by Anaita Shroff Adajania. We both have very similar styles and it matches. She also does not wear a costume with very flashy make-up. She does not use very expensive clothes. It was from him that our characters came to the fore.

What is your reaction on the response to ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’?
My job as an actor is to do variety films. I am from UP, I had to do that type of film. I did that, I really enjoyed it. Maybe people couldn’t go to the theatres. But now that film is also on Prime Video. That film was made for the family, but it probably didn’t go. Now seeing it on OTT, people are appreciating it. It was a fun, comedy film. ‘Gahreiyaan’ is a film completely out of the comfort zone.

It also has intimate scenes. Emraan had told that before doing these scenes in his films, arrangements were made for mouth fresheners etc. on the set. What happened here on the set?
No one can tell this better than Imran sir. He is a trendsetter. I used to get very nervous in such scenes. This is the first such film in India, in which an intimacy scene co-ordinator has been used for filming intimacy scenes. He did a lot of workshops with us.

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