Special conversation: Soha Ali Khan said- When you speak dialogues well, then monologues also become easy

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Actress Soha Ali Khan is seen playing the role of a princess in ‘Kaun Banegi Shikharvati’. Naseeruddin Shah is seen in the role of a king in this series. So in this series apart from Soha, Lara Dutta, Kritika Kamra and Anya Singh are also there. In a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Soha talked about the shoot related issues and the difficult scenes of the show.

How was the new year?
Welcoming the new year, the celebration was attended by brother, sister-in-law, a couple of friends and my family. Had dinner at night, talked. The kind of atmosphere going on at that time. It is good to welcome the new year with your family in peace. All I would say is that you should stay at home as much as possible, but if there is a need that you have to go out. Wear a mask carefully and take care of your health as much as possible in January and February.

Princess has lived, how much similarity did you feel while doing this show?
There was similarity, the way we were living in big rooms. Walking in the big gardens. Sitting, eating, sitting with the royal families, he has done it all. There is an idea of ​​​​Khamma Ghani, or else he has had the experience of doing adab. There are different types of costumes. We have experienced wearing that, but the character I am playing as Gayatri. He is very different from me. He is very graceful. In my life I am not so graceful in my life.

I am less graceful than Gayatri. In real life, Gayatri always sacrifices for other people. But I am not like that in real life. The way Gayatri thinks about every human being. I do not think so much about others, so I would like to say that a personality which is very different from you. It is a bit challenging to play it. It was a lot of fun doing this show, because we were living all those things. What you will see in this show, shooting was being done on real location. We used to eat, sleep, live, shoot in the same palace so it was a lot of fun.

Did you miss Pataudi Palace when you were shooting?
The palace where they were shooting in Mandawa. It was a lot of fun there, because after a long time we found the open space. After 2 months when the second lockdown opened. There I went with my daughter. Enjoyed with all the people. Spent time with all the actors, enjoyed that time while having food. For two months, Kunal and Inaya were always together. Everyone used to have lunch and dinner together. I had the opportunity to spend time with many people. Where Inaaya was with me. We were staying there without masks.

After a long time and very sweet rules and regulations were made. A kind of bio bubble was created by the production side. Where only all of us crew members were present. We were not allowed to enter the village. All of us were tested. Where we felt kind of safe. I did not miss Pataudi Palace. Because recently I went there for Christmas, had a good time.

Tell me about one of the most difficult and one of the easiest scenes?
For me, difficult scenes used to be those where one had to put in a lot of physical effort. The month of September in Rajasthan is very hot. In such a situation, it was very difficult to suit by wearing clothes which feel hot. You don’t have to do such scenes once, you have to do it many times. Have to do it for hours. Many times, even after getting the scene right, if there is a slight lack in it, then after that we have to give it once again. Apart from this, there is a monologue scene.

I found that the most difficult in the show, but when you remember and understand your dialogues well. The rest is not afraid of whether I will be able to speak my line or not. There are times when a scene seems easy to you. It takes a lot of time, and hard work. But there are many scenes which are very difficult to read and listen to for the first time. But you do it very easily.

What are the upcoming projects
I am doing a show for Prime Video. Which is being directed by Tanuja Chandra. There is also Kritika room, Juhi Chawla, Ayesha, Jhulka in it. After a long time, I am getting a chance to work with very strong women.

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